CESI offers the services of export related documentation and door to door service on all exports from USA, including applying for State Dept. Licenses, Dept of Commerce, ATF licenses and Preparation of Letter of credit negotiating bank documents. -----  Fees Apply. 

Auction Services:   We participate in the following major auctions on behalf of our customers at a nominal fee of $1000.00/item purchased.  A 25% refundable deposit of your maximum bid is required two days prior to bidding. 

the process goes as per following:

  • you will inform us the best C&F Your port Price that you are prepared to pay for the item.
  • you will make a check for 25% of the bidding amount and deposit with our office in Pakistan.
  • We will bid up to your authorized limit.
  • If successful, we will cash the check and demand the rest of the money to be paid to us un US dollars with in 24hrs.

Auction Service Charges:  The service fee for auction is none refundable $1000.00  for a successful auction and $75.00 for a unsuccessful auction. If the auction stops short of your suggested amount,   the difference will be split 50/50 .  Service fee will be deducted from the deposit amount and balance returned in 2-3 days. 

We have thousands of parts listed on this website,  other then the lisated ones if you need a hard to find machine, Engine, spare parts, we can help locate it for you. Through our means, we have direct contacts with farmers, constructions companies to sell their equipment. This equipment is usually not listed on the internet and is direct buy only. 

If  you are interested in a machine and have located it in the continent of US, want to make sure the machine is functionally like it looks in the pictures provided by the seller,  we can inspect the  machine  on your  behalf,  give you a comprehensive  report  with pictures  with  our camera taken from your point of view, advise you on the exact condition of machine on it suitability for your requirement.  

If you have a government surplus in mind that you want to purchase, we can bid on your behalf and arrange shipment.

We can arrange to ship your cargo from door to door. 

Call us for more details.

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